What gets me fired up?

What gets me fired up? Well, I suppose if I knew that is know what it was I’m passionate about… I guess I get fired up about a few things.

On the positive side of things, I really find space stuff interesting. I like hearing about the different missions going on and the implications these things will have on our future.

I really love Disney too. Not just the parks, but the idea of creating immersive worlds for people. Which kind of aligns with the though that it’s be super cool if we had some way to see what history sites were really like. I think an augmented reality deal where you could see an overlay of what Pompeii (or Palmira or the Acropolis or whatever) might have looked like at it’s height. How cool would that be??

And speaking of Pompeii. Travel. I want to see all the cool places around the world and I like talking about those places with people.

On the more negative side, I get really fired up about people being rude and inconsiderate. Not responding to work emails (even just “Sorry I can’t get to this right now, but will follow up soon”), tossing trash on the ground, and just how hard is it to do some simple things that would cost very little time or energy.

Here are five ideas to get your started on being more considerate:

  • Use your blinker
  • Put your phone down at the check out
  • Spell people’s names correctly
  • Park inside the lines
  • Stop scheduling meetings at noon because “that’s when everyone calendars are free.” There’s a reason for that…