What do people thank me for?

Another way to look at it: “What do you love helping people with?”“What would you be happy to help others with, even if you didn’t get paid?”“What do people constantly come to you for (travel tips, recipes, etc.)?” This is a hard one, especially because here in the South, we thank everyone all the time. …

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What gets me fired up?

What gets me fired up? Well, I suppose if I knew that is know what it was I’m passionate about… I guess I get fired up about a few things. On the positive side of things, I really find space stuff interesting. I like hearing about the different missions going on and the implications these …

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My Short Self-Discovery Journey

So, I decided to start the Live Your Legend Self-Discovery Writing Challenge. Why? Well, I feel like for years I’ve just been living. Going to work, coming home, going to work… Sure I’ve gone on trips, I’ve taken classes, and I’ve done other things. But, nothing that ever had a purpose really. I mean, what …

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